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The company's long history has been started from more than half a century where:
The Company founded in 1949 by Ibrahim Siam at 46 Aby Eldardaa, Alexandria, which is still the head office address.
at this time it was one of the first Egyptian institutions working in this field and it was individual institution to
its owner and manager Mr. / Ibrahim Siam and During this period, its name has become a known name in our field.
In 1963 - after the death of Mr. / Ibrahim Siam, his son  Ragab Ibrahim Siam take charge of the compant also as an individual institution and its owner and manager Mr. / Ragab Ibrahim Siam, who served in significant expansion of the company's activity in 1968 in terms of the establishment of a new branch of the company at the same location To cover other sectors of iron and some other industrial materials such as welding tools and foundations are also several sites miscellaneous stores.
He obtain the right of distribution for Egyptian Iron and Steel Company Helwan at Alexandria and the Delta region too, which has had a significant impact on the exit of the company's name from Alexandria to other parts of the Republic.

In 1997 the company turned legally from individual institution to the corporate company with title " Ragab siam Sons", which currently consists of two key sales at Aby Eldardaa Street in Alexandria and four stores the same site, Since then launched new name of the company and with him began a new system where work through administrative regulations and the use of modern information systems based on a computer and work on expanding the company and maximize its size.

In 2005 Ragab Siam Sons company expanded, so we established industrial company "Nile For Iron and Minerals - Ital" at Borg El-Arab trade zone, working in the field of mineral buildings composition addition to its presence in west of Alexandria where
it can serve customers in this region.
Ragab Siam Sons company distribute to major Iron and Steel factories such as Helwan and other factories operating in diverse areas of pipes and corrugated and rattans and wires.
The Company Serve the diverse sectors, like sectors of petroleum, construction, metal construction and various industries
the most important clients are : Alexandria for Petroleum - Petroment – Elmasrya for petrochemicals - Hassan Allam - Arab Contractors - Mukhtar Ibrahim – Delta for Sugar - Abokir fertilizer - Ameriya for Cement And many other major oil companies, construction and various industries throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.
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